5 Days in Barcelona: Day 4, February 2017

Day 4: This day was on foot. I was exhausted by the end but had a terrific time! After having another flauta de fuet at Mussol, I managed to locate the Museu Xocolata with some help from locals who I asked for directions.  http://www.museuxocolata.cat/?lang=en The Star Wars in Chocolate exhibit was in the house and quite creative. I found the tour was worth the 6 euros. Even though everything I read there could be found online, as a chocolate lover I found it entertaining.  I didn’t buy anything there because the prices were outrageous!

On the way to my next destination I stumbled upon a festival to Santa Eulalia. She’s the patron saint of Barcelona. I’ve included several photos of the costumes and the mojiganga, large puppets worn on the shoulders. Here’s a link to a short video of the festival and further explanation: http://www.barcelonayellow.com/bcn-events-articles/190-santa-eulalia-festival-barcelona I was wondering what all of that drumming was about!! I always love local festivals and was jazzed to have just stumbled upon one!

Next on my list was the Hash Marijuana & Hemp Museum. http://hashmuseum.com/en/barcelona When I got there and went into the free downstairs part I realized that as an American hemp activist living in Colorado, there was probably not going to be anything in there that I didn’t know already. So I decided not to pay the entry fee for the upstairs. They have an awesome atrium window up there though! I took a photo for you from the outside. I wanted to save my euros in case I found an artisan market at which to buy gifts for my friends back home……and sure enough! Right around the corner from the hemp museum was a tiny 4 tent artisan market! The first I have seen since arriving in the city. I dropped 50 euro picking up bracelets and such. I had a lovely discussion in Spanish with the sweet woman from whom I bought said stuff, about how the young are not interested in the artisanal items and would rather buy plastic Chinese-made crap. Sadly the artisan markets are dying there.

I was so hungry after the day of walking and wanted something other than another plate of tapas. So I wished for some soup. Right around the corner from the hemp museum  was a Ramen bar!!! I got a big bowl of ramen and a plate of gyoza dumplings. Koku Kitchen is such a cool little joint! And I discovered from the woman I was sitting next to that it is literally the very best ramen bar in Barcelona. https://www.facebook.com/kokukitchenbarcelona/ HA! The Witchy Wanderer is 3 for 3 today! Festival, artisan market, and ramen!

Also on my list was the erotic museum, but I was just too tired. I only wanted to be back in the room and put my feet up. Later in the evening I popped out for a tuna belly and tomato sandwich from around the corner. Wow!! That is a great sandwich! I bought a bottle of the wine I really liked at the tasting last night from the reception desk. It was very nice to spend a relaxing evening in the room.

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