About Makara ~ A Witchy Wanderer


What can I say? I love to travel! And not like a tourist, mind you. I like to go to a country and stay for a few months so I can truly digest the food, language and culture. I’m a pagan female veteran in my 50’s. I also have PTSD so things can get a  bit interesting juggling mental health and gender/age issues with new surroundings and travel stress. When I’m not immersed in a foreign community I live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with my loving man Manfred and kitty cat Tito. Manfred travels with me when he can; otherwise I’m on my own, often inviting friends to join me along the way.  You can expect a very vulnerable and humorous view of my experiences and I look forward to your comments & insights. Thanks for reading!

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a pagan PTSD veteran woman's view of slow travel, culture, & food